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Participant Schools

- American School of Paris (France)

-American School of Doha (Qatar)

-Shanghai American School (China)

-Seymour College (Australia)

- Alcuin School (USA)

-  Chinese international School (Hong Kong)

- International School of Beijing (China)

- Harbor High School (USA)

Clash of the Titans - Global Edition is an event where the most globally renowned international schools with strong film programs will compete globally, January 11th (Wednesday) until 14th (Saturday).
Students will be challenged to create a film in less than 48 hours (Thursday and Friday) following specific guidelines.
Each film crew team will be comprised of members from their participating school.
The students enrolled in their respective school’s theatre program will participate as actors while the schools attending the event in Paris, will cast students from ASP's theatre program.

On the 14th at 10AM (CET) the complete films will be shown at Les 3 Pierrots cinema where one award ceremony will be held.

Participating schools have been invited due to their involvement with IB Film since the course’s inception. All those schools offers an incredible filmmaking program and their teachers are either IB Film examiners or highly experienced film teachers.

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