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2023 Film Challenge

Actors Auditions

ASP Actors that will be available to visiting production teams in Paris. Audition videos available now!  Ask the password to your IB Film teacher. 

Shooting Locations

Here you will be able to check out all schools locations that will be drawn. Each team will pick one location in their own city and have 5 hours to shoot there Friday, January 13th. Those locations will be available here by the end of November.


- Each PT (production team) will draw a location, two genres and the order that they will choose their actors.

- Each PT will have a room allocated to them for the duration of the challenge to work on the preproduction.

- Films cannot be longer than 3 minutes. If the film is longer than 3 minutes (even by one frame) it will be disqualified from the competition.

- A prop will be assigned to all PT and must be relevant part of the film plot. If the prop is not relevant part of the plot, the PT may be disqualified. 

- The final film must be delivered to your IB film teacher no later than 8:00PM (school's local time) on Friday January 14th. If the film is delivered after 8:00PM (school's local time), the PT will be disqualified.

- Each PT will have up to 5 hours at the location in their local cities. You can see the locations HERE. No other location can be used besides the host school and the location drafted.

- Each PT will draw two genres from two separate buckets. Click here for the Genre List and more information about it.  

- Actors from your school's theatre program will be selected according to the order drawn from the bucket. Schools competing from Paris, will be casting actors from ASP's theatre program. 

- The actor drafted from the theatre program must be the protagonist in your movie. Your movie can feature other actors in minor roles. If the protagonist is not the drafted actor, the PT will be disqualified.

- Your film must abide by the IB Film Guide rules of conduct (May 2023), especially considering your target audience and environment. No cursing will be tolerated.

- All creative material (script, foley, soundtrack and so on) must be created during the challenge's allocated time by the PT.

- if any questions arises that is not addressed in this page, a decision will be made by the IB Film teachers participating in the event.
Film's File Format
- your film must start with 5 seconds black slate with the following information:



- This 5 seconds does not count in the overall 3 minutes of your film.
- Your film must be in a playable format (.MOV, .AVI and so on).



-The awards will be given to the following categories: Best Film; Best Director; Best Cinematographer; Best Editor; Best Sound Designer; Best Screenwriter, Best Acting, Best Usage of the Designated Prop.
-The winners will be chosen by a jury composed of the faculty members of the New York City School of Visual Arts.
A paragraph from SVA: 

The School of Visual Arts in New York City (SVA-NYC) would like to recognize the tremendous talent and commitment all current and former students have dedicated to the Clash of the Titans film festival. 

 Coming from the best IB Film programs worldwide, we are not surprised by the creativity and discipline displayed throughout the years.  True collaborations create truly remarkable films.  We are excited to see what is to come in 2023. 

Our esteemed BFA Film Faculty member, Gina Abatemarco, will be this year's juror.  Gina is a director and producer with numerous accolades, including a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. 


SVA is very pleased to announce that we will award 5 individual students a tuition and housing scholarship (worth $5,000 USD each) to our Summer 2023 Pre-College program in New York City.

- The  Best Film's film award will be a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K given to the winning school. 
- The winners in the categories Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Sound Designer, Best Editor and Best Screenwriter  will receive a BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve Studio v18.

- The winners in every category will be awarded a custom-made trophy. 



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