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2022 JURY


Each participating schools nominated two IB Film alumni to be part of the jury. The alumni cannot vote for their own school. Here you can see our incredible jury: 


amanda cestari garcia


Born in Brazil, Amanda has had the opportunity to live in so many incredible places such as Switzerland, UK, France, United States and Canada. She discovered her undoubtable passion for filmmaking when taking IB Film her junior year at ASP. Paired with the fanatical and heartfelt mentor that is Pessôa, she knew this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She’s participated in the ASP Film Festival in the past and her films have managed to win over five awards throughout her ASP career. After graduating from ASP in 2019, she has studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA and is currently studying at the Toronto Film School in Ontario, Canada. She’s never lost contact with Pessôa and is always looking for a new project to pour her blood sweat and tears into. Amanda is delighted to take part in a special moment in history where she, herself, has been in the past. Best of luck to everyone!

Lucas Lippman

Lucas is a Brazilian/American who grew up in Brazil and went to high school in Paris. Although he had been interested in film and videography his whole life, Mr Pessoa helped cultivate and hone his skills greatly. In IB film, he focused mainly on cinematography and editing, and helped create 7 films. After high school, Lucas went to Wesleyan University, where he majored in film studies. Now, Lucas attends UCSB and is working towards an Economics and Statistics degree. In his free time, Lucas loves to photograph landscapes and fly his drone. He is looking forward to watching all the films!



clara Salameh


Clara Salameh is a Lebanese filmmaker who attended the American School of Doha and was a part of the schools first IB Film class. This class was what made it possible for Clara to go on to receive her BFA in Film Production at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She’s written and directed several short films, Including Debutante, which premiered at the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival. She’s also produced a few short film projects. Clara graduated university in 2021 and currently works in the set decorating department for various Hallmark, Lifetime, and Paramount films. IB Film changed Clara’s life and she’s so excited to be a jury member for the Clash of the Titans and see what the current students have been up to!

Rhylan Klar

Born in Idaho, USA, Rhylan graduated from the American School of Doha in 2017. It was at ASD that she learned of her love for cinema via the IB Film HL course taught my Mr. Venditti. IB Film is what made Rhylan want to pursue cinema in university and as a future career. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder, graduating in December 2021. There she received a BA in Critical Studies of Cinema and a BFA in Cinema Production. Rhylan also recently completed her 80 page Honors Thesis that looks at the roles of gender and sexuality in Bob Fosse’s film oeuvre —  in which she received a Summa Cum Laude designation. Since graduating, she continues to live in Boulder, Colorado where she makes films while also exploring art in other mediums. 



Esteban Sanchez


Born in Mexico, Esteban has had the opportunity to live in a variety of countries like the Philippines and Argentina, always absorbing their culture for film. Being Mexican, he has always been a big fan of great Mexican directors like Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón. During his time in Argentina, Esteban dived deeper into his passion for film thanks to his IB Film course. Due to the unlucky circumstances of the covid pandemic, his participation in the competition was limited during his senior year of high school, but more time inside meant more time to enjoy movies. He also got to improve his favorite aspect of film, editing. After graduating high school in 2021, Esteban has used his editing skills in creating social media posts for some clients. He is currently studying at IE University in Spain, majoring in Data Analytics. Esteban is super excited to watch all the movies! 

George Jones

This is George's 2nd year judging the films at this festival, after a great turnout last year, expectations are high! George graduated AELincoln in Buenos Aires in 2020 and is currently studying Filmmaking at the University Of Western England in the Uk, and has been practicing the craft of photography and filmmaking for over 4 years.
He's had the privilege of living in the Uk, India, Singapore and Argentina where  George's passion for filmmaking comes from years of travelling and meeting people. the basis of his future aspirations, in the adventure film industry, travelling to capture gripping stories the whole world over.  He thoroughly believes that film is extremely
delicate and as filmmakers have an immense responsibility to how we
tell our stories, especially when it comes to documentary film, which
is George’s passion. He is thrilled to see what work you have in



Tony huang


Tony launched his career at FILMISM STUDIOS in Beijing. He worked his way up from being a member of the team to eventually becoming studio director. Known for telling down-to-earth stories that explore the different relationships and perspectives between different people, Tony has been recognized by several international film festivals, winning 3 best picture awards. 
He has directed films, both commercial and feature. While working at FILMISM STUDIOS, he worked on several projects for major clients, including Mercedes-Benz, VX, Habitat for Humanity, Daimler China, AmCham China, Beijing United Family Hospital, and many others. He recently wrapped up his first Chinese-language feature film, “The Spring I Long For.” Tony has also served as a judge at the 2020 Shanghai Student Film Festival.  
Having graduated from the International School of Beijing in 2019, Tony is currently studying Film and TV production at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. Tony grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but considers Beijing to be his home. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. 

austin kwok

A Vancouver- based Cinematographer from Beijing, Austin Kwok is currently studying in his final year at the UBC film production program. He’s lived and worked primarily in Hong Kong and Beijing alongside his time in Canada. Currently, Austin primarily works as a Gaffer and Cinematographer commercially (Ford, Casinos BC, IWC, etc). His international upbringing provides global sensitivity in his approach to visual storytelling when shooting narratives. 



Hannah Heckerdorn


My name is Hannah Heckendorn and I am from Dallas, Texas where I attended Woodrow Wilson High School. I had the opportunity of participating in Clash of the Titans last year where I got to practice screenwriting and working with an amazing group of talented students. I am now attending Pitzer College in Southern California and hoping to major in Critical Global Studies. I love watching new films and I am so excited to help judge this year and have the opportunity to witness everyone’s hard work and creativity. 

garrett Botsch

Hi, my name is Garrett Botsch, and I am an IB 2021 film graduate. I participated in the Clash of the Titans that year, and got the opportunity to direct, and help create stories with a very talented group of people. I now attend the University of Colorado Boulder where I am majoring in media production and cinematic studies. I have always loved film, specifically screenwriting and audio production, and I hope to be able to work in those fields in the future. I am still very much interested in storytelling and I hope to see some amazing stories from such talented schools!



Chun Ming Huang


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chun Ming currently resides in the Los Angeles area, working as a union Camera Operator and Director of Photography.  In his 15+ years in the film business, he’d worked on broad variety of genres in the production world. Started as a production assistant and in the art department; until he found his interests in the lighting department, then changed over to the camera department where he began as a film loader. Slowly he climbed the ranked to camera operating and Director of Photography.  

Recently he is mainly in the multi cam sitcom genre, where he finds a lot joy working in.  On his spare time he would venture out into the wilderness and continue his passion for his panoramic photography.

Ran Zhang

Ran Zhang is a filmmaker currently based in Hong Kong. A childhood spent in Singapore, Hong Kong, and later in Los Angeles has cultivated an affinity for international culture and stories. This foundation ties closely with the distinct visual sensibility in which he chooses to lens and direct his work, as he continues to experiment with different modes of visual and narrative storytelling. Beginning his professional career in Los Angeles, he has engaged in a variety of commercial, music video and narrative projects, which have gone on to garner selections and awards at international film festivals. His career now extends back to Hong Kong, where he continues to explore the craft of visual storytelling by creating branded stories with local and international businesses.



Lucy Marshall


My name is Lucy Marshall and I am an IB film graduate of 2021! I have a passion for cinematography, directing and especially stop motion animation. I have been making short films since I was 13 and have worked for schools and advertising companies to produce educational videos and film live sport. I have participated in numerous film competitions and always enjoy the challenge of letting my imagination go wild as I fit themes and characters to storyline’s and plots. I love a good competition and I’m very excited to see what the 2022 Clash of the Titans competitors produce.

Hannah Jureidini

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a 2021 IB graduate from Seymour College in Adelaide, Australia. I have a deep love for watching, studying and creating films. I enjoy directing films and recently created foley for an animated film which I found to be exciting, interesting and rewarding. I am particularly passionate about film's influence on history and society, through exploring social issues, sharing new ideas from all over the world and investigating past and present events, as well as allowing us to imagine the future. I am looking forward to the Clash of the Titans Competition for 2022 and can't wait to see all the fantastic films that will be made all across the world! 



Kylie Mundell


Hi, my name is Kylie Mundell, I studied IB film at Harbor High, and now I’m a freshman at Chapman University’s film school Dodge College studying creative producing. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s films!

REVA Beltran

My name is Reva Beltran and I am a filmmaker originally from Santa Cruz, CA. I graduated from Harbor High School, and am currently studying Film&Television and Dance at Columbia College Chicago. I really began to enjoy filmmaking during my Junior year of high school, and I was especially drawn to screenwriting and editing. I also did theater throughout high school, and although I am not pursuing this as a career, I love watching and helping other people act. A few of my favorite movies are Frances Ha, Good Will Hunting, and Minari, and I really love seeing emotions conveyed on screen through all filmmaking techniques. Excited to see all your hard work! 



Michael zhang


Born in the states and growing up in Shanghai, Michael had the opportunity to experience a city that was full of modern media. Although he had been interested in storytelling throughout his life, it wasn’t until Mr. Gran introduced him to the world of film in which he began his journey. Working on small film projects in his sophomore year of high school at the innovation institute and then transferring that curiosity to IB Film, Michael slowly built up his style and confidence in his filmmaking through the guidance of his peers and his teacher. In early 2020, Michael and his close peers traveled to Paris to compete in COTT and won the best film with “Convicted” which was an outstanding achievement for all of them. The next year they took this momentum and competed again remotely in COTT 2021 and won the best film with “Man in the Mirror”. Michael is now at Dodge, Chapman University’s film school, and is committed to seeing what he can in the film industry. IB Film has been a monumental part of Michael’s life, and COTT has always been a melting pot of creativity, so let’s see what this year’s participants stir up.

Bart van Hoof

My name is Bart van Hoof. I am from the Netherlands and grew up in Bangladesh and Shanghai, where I studied at Shanghai American School. I am a filmmaker and artist currently studying at the Willem de Kooning Academie in the Netherlands. I am currently focused on applying my understanding of cinematography and photography to CGI objects and environments. IB film and Mr. Gran himself were an instrumental part of the foundations I am currently building off. Additionally, competing with my friends in Clash of The Titans and winning best film, among other awards, two consecutive years were some of the most fulfilling moments of my life. I hope you all enjoy yourself, and I cant wait to see what you all have made.

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